Vote to put Riverwalk on the Fort Lauderdale edition of Monopoly!

Fort Lauderdale is getting it’s own edition of Monopoly, and Monopoly wants YOU to vote for what local landmarks and iconic places should be included. Let them know that Fort Lauderdale’s iconic Riverwalk deserves a prominent place on the Fort Lauderdale edition of Monopoly!

Click Here to Send an Email and Vote for Riverwalk!

Sample Email: I vote for the Riverwalk to be included in the new Fort Lauderdale MONOPOLY edition because it is the catalyst for Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s growth into a vibrant community and essential to connecting many of Fort Lauderdale’s iconic places and neighborhoods.

Thank you for considering Riverwalk for inclusion on the game board.

[Your Name]

For more information visit the City of Fort Lauderdale.