Silhouettes – Studio Exhibition by JuanCarlos rLora

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Date(s) - Saturday, February 1, 2020
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

ArtToSaveLives Contemporary


ArtToSaveLives Contemporary is pleased to present ‘Silhouettes’ by JuanCarlos rLora in a private studio setting. Join us this Saturday, Feb. 1, from 4pm-8pm.

‘Silhouettes’ series is the beginning of JuanCarlos’ work at 15 years old. It was then and still is, his roots, his neutral zone that brings him back to ground when his explorations take him too far into the self…

About the artist:

JuanCarlos rLora is an elusive individual who values and lives his life through imagination first, then reality second… A high caliber painter, who never knew he was an artist, until art convinced him of it. And whom, in his young life, has proven himself as an artist that goes against the grain, to explore, create and innovate. He never discloses heritage or any information pertaining to the self, as a protest to humanity’s current destructive ways.

JuanCarlos has been trained throughout his life by Dominican Master artist Candido Bido and mentored in adulthood by Turkish Master artist and poet Aquiles Azar.

About ArtToSaveLives Contemporary

​The ArtToSaveLives Contemporary is not in any way a conventional art gallery, it is more of an artist studio that gets tastefully curated in the style of a gallery, each month, by director Luba Kladienko-Ramirez. We showcase JuanCarlos’ extensive body of work, from paintings, to sculptures, to light installations and many other incredible innovations. Think of it as a playground for our artist’s work. Here, the atmosphere is more like a lounge for art collectors and art lovers. You come by once, we welcome you as our friend, you collect our work and you become family.

In addition to that, we have been a “self-sustained” animal sanctuary for over 13 years, which is entirely funded through the sales of JuanCarlos’ Art, a mission we call ArtToSaveLives.