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Location and Pricing

- East Las Olas Riverfront Location
1 to 3 lines - $150

- Riverwalk 9/11 Monument
1 to 3 lines - $250

- Central Las Olas Riverfront Location
1 to 3 lines - $150

- West Las Olas Riverfront Location
1 to 3 lines - $150

- Pet Section at Huizenga Plaza
1 to 3 lines - $100

- Broward Center Location
1 to 3 lines - $150

- Esplanade Park Location
1 to 3 lines - $150

- Condos - Alluvion, Esplanade, Las Olas Grand, WaterGarden, Las Olas River House, Symphony
1 to 3 lines - $150

Select A Condo

- River House Dock Location
1 to 3 lines - $225

- Connie Hoffman Gazebo
1 to 3 lines - $225

- Rio Vista Gazebo
1 to 3 lines - $225


Standard Symbols (Nos. 1-19) For an additional $15, you may choose one of these Standard Symbols and add it to your brick.
Specialty Symbols/Logos (No. 20): For an additional $45 you may also provide your own symbol or logo to be added to your brick. The symbol/logo must be approved by our etcher. Once you have submitted your symbol/logo, we will generally have an answer from the etcher within 24-48 hours. If the etcher is not able to place your symbol/logo on the brick, you will be refunded the $45.

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When typing your Brick Message use "#" to indicate where Symbol placement should occur in your message.

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Only capital letters will be used, and the copy on the brick
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Order a Replica Brick

Complete with felt backing, these bricks may be placed on a desk in your office or at home or in a garden.

$75 Shipping/Handling (provide ship to address in comments box) if you would like a Replica Brick
Mail Certificate & Map to: