Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series

Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series


Thursday, August 3, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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The Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) and the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and caring for the world’s oceans, with a specific focus on sharks and rays, will once again be partnering for the upcoming Virtual Distinguished Speaker Series.

The lineup for the 2023 Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series at MODS includes scientists from around the globe who will discuss their research discoveries across a spectrum of topics: from white sharks to hammerheads, lemon and deep-sea sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, community engagement, ocean education and conservation and much more! Attendees look forward to the always-popular Deep Sea Shark Expert Panel Discussion, featuring prominent researchers and conservationists from across the region.

2023 Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series at 6 p.m. EDT (Program lineup is subject to change)

● August 3 – Shark Conservation Fund: Turning the Tide for Threatened Sharks and Rays with Lee Crockett, executive director at the Shark Research Fund

● August 30– Whale Sharks of the Galápagos Marine Reserve with Sofía Green, PhD candidate at University of the Algarve

● September 7– Panel Discussion: Silky Shark Fishing Conservation and Tagging with Brendan Talwar, PhD candidate at Florida International University and Bryan Keller, researcher at Saving the Blue

● October 5 – Kelp: Important Ocean Forests for Sharks with Emiliano García-Rodríguez, postdoc at Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Baja California

● November 2– Sevengill Sharks in San Francisco Bay with Meghan Holst, PhD candidate in Conservation Ecology at the University of California, Davis

● December 14– Whales of British Columbia with Janie Wray, CEO and Lead Researcher for BC Whales

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