Queers at Home

Queers at Home


Thursday, December 17, 2020    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Join SNMA Executive Director Hunter O’Hanian for a virtual tour and curatorial talk of our newest exhibition, Queers @ Home!

Psychologists offer that one’s home is an integral part of self-definition.

Within our respective means, tastes, influences, and creative aptitudes, our homes mirror our inner selves. A public platform for some, private sanctuary for others—LGBTQ homes showcase a nuanced representation of what and who we love.

For many LGBTQ people, domestic space can offer both a blessing and a curse. Some who grew up in more “traditional” homes felt like they didn’t belong — they could not be their true self at home. It is refreshing when those people become LGBTQ adults who create a patch of domestic tranquility that acknowledges and supports their identity. Home is about our unique definition of family, and the support system shared by those within our inner orbit. And domesticity isn’t limited by the walls of a structure — it often extends to the neighborhoods we live in and the communities we cultivate.

In this exhibition, we explore how the domestic lives of LGBTQ folks help define us. For some of us, home is physically and conceptually unique. For others, it is quotidian and familiar. In other words, just like everyone else.

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