Opening Reception of “Losing My Religion”

Date(s) - Saturday, September 17, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





September 17th, 2016, 7 – 9 pm

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, August 4, 2016 House of Art has just announced its opening reception of LOSING MY RELIGION. A provocative and irreverent art exhibit. Artists Byron Keith Byrd, Tomas Valdivieso and Henrique Souza will be showcasing their body of work based on life experiences, their views on religion or simply for the love of art. Art and religion have gone hand in hand for thousands of years. Almost every religious sect makes use of it. It glorifies, protests, idealizes and tells the story of religion.
In this exhibit artist Byron Keith Byrd explores the ramification of organized religion(s) in our modern-day society. He is fascinated by life, death, and the implications which religion may bring to the mix wether the individual believes in God, Allah, Buddha, a Higher Power, Jesus, or Zeus. Byron’s views on the topic will be clearly manifested in all of the pieces that he will be exhibiting such as “Religious Trap,” a 9 ft. wall sculpture of a wooden cross, which is covered with more than three hundred mousetraps.
For artist Henrique Souza this exhibit is a bit more sensitive to the vein. This will be clearly interpreted by simply glancing at his jaw dropping installation , specially a book-marked Bible. Tomas Valdivieso masterpieces encompass large collages of photographs and interlaced cut outs. His message on his piece “Horizontal Underworld” focus on the controversial woes the catholic church has endured on sexual abuse.
Last but not least artist David Rohn presents a self portrait as “The Cleric” who has received /a calling/ from GOD but since the religious context seems more about ‘commandments’ than about spiritual awareness, his role often seems more akin to that of a foot-soldier than a spiritual.
LOSING MY RELIGION, which opens on Saturday September 17 and runs until October 1 2016, features astonishing pieces , including paintings, installations, prayer books, religious vestments and mixed media work. The exhibit is meant to build bridges between people of different religions and also appeal to those of none; it has been designed to be both attractive and provocative, the reasoning behind the exhibition is to give everybody a chance to express their feelings about the relationship between art, faith and locality.”
It will be paradoxical expression that without a doubt can only be appreciated by those impartial to the subject. It will be showcased facetiously.


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