Middle Eastern Melodies: Music & Poetry

Middle Eastern Melodies: Music & Poetry


Wednesday, September 9, 2020    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Middle Eastern Melodies: Music & Poetry from Jeorge Kouz and Tony Tahan. This will be a wonderful night of entertainment and learning!

Jeorge Kouz – Born in Venezuela from a family of Syrian (Aleppo) origin, who has a deep love for the culture of his origin and culture, especially Middle Eastern music. He debuted his singing career in Venezuela in 2004 and toured the world singing at festivals, weddings, conventions, and private events. He was invited on several occasions to participate in radio and television programs, interviews, and reports for magazines and press in the artistic field and culture. In 2018, Jeorge moved to Florida, where he continues to share his songs and poetry as well as entertain the Middle Eastern community locally in Florida and nationally.

Tony Tahan – Born and raised in Miami of Syrian (Aleppo) descent, Tony Tahan has been immersed in Middle Eastern culture and music since childhood, influenced by his father who is also a musician. Tony plays the keyboard and has performed and continues to perform for some of the most prestigious singers and dancers in various events, workshops, and cultural celebrations locally in Florida and nationally.

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