Get Paid to Talk

Get Paid to Talk


Tuesday, October 19, 2021    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Instead of another “get rich quick” approach, this live interactive web class will give you a realistic, behind-the-scenes introduction to today’s voice over field. Whether you’re just curious about the field, interested in supplemental or retirement income, or looking for a whole new career, this class is a tremendous and fun place to start. Because the class is live, there will be time for questions with the instructor whose company has produced voice over services for organizations including Discovery Network, Netflix, HGTV, Universal, WE Network, Disney, Nintendo, and numerous others.

You’ll also have the opportunity to do a voice range and quality exercise with your instructor at the end of the class.

You’ll Learn:

  • How narrative voice over including audio books, training material, and educational television and web content have dramatically increased voice work opportunities.
  • Why conversational, sincere, and believable voices are now strongly favored and most in demand.
  • Where to look for repeat voice work opportunities in and around your own community.
  • How to position yourself for long-term success whether doing voice work in the studio or from home.

About Voice Coaches

For more than 25 years Voice Coaches has provided professional communication training and voice coaching to clients across the US and Canada. In addition, our production team provides voice over and audio services to numerous media, business, government, and private sector organizations. Our studio and offices can be reached by phone at 866-887-2834 or email

Voice Coaches is a 17-year A+ member of The Better Business Bureau. Voice Coaches is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.