Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence


Wednesday, September 23, 2020    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Marketing Workshop with Broward Cultural Division featuring Marketing Consultant and Cultural Strategist Ola Mobolade.

About this Event

2020 will be marked by significant milestones for diversity in the U.S.: everyone under 18 will be a majority-minority, everyone can get COVID-19 but vulnerable Black and Latinx people have been disproportionally impacted, and race issues have reached a tipping point leading to a social justice movement in the country and around the world.

Today more than ever we are seeing the culture in motion, with unique expressions and opportunities to shape a better future. This is an historic moment and artists and cultural leaders have a role to play in envisioning, creating and inspiring positive change.

Marketing consultant Ola Mobolade will provide attendees with an understanding of the evolution of diversity in the U.S., important diversity milestones and trends, as well as current tensions derived from inequity and racism. The event will also explore the changing notion of individual identity and shared culture, and how they are being expressed, and reflect on the role in of social change for artists, cultural leaders and organizations.

Registration is required to receive the link to attend this free virtual session. Presented by Broward Cultural Division and moderated by Director Phillip Dunlap, the virtual event will stream live on YouTube and Facebook from General Provision in FAT Village.

Tickets and additional information available HERE.