Editorial Calendar

As Fort Lauderdale’s official magazine, Go Riverwalk Magazine reaches Fort Lauderdale’s high powered businesses, residents and visitors, both in print and online and generates the readership interest, loyalty and pass-through circulation that ensures you receive the attention value, branding power and name recognition value you seek. Go Riverwalk Magazine’s readers are high-profile, influential and affluent, spending substantially more on their homes, condos, luxury goods, travel and dining than elsewhere in the U.S. With an average household income of $150K and a median per capita income close to twice the national average, our readers have the means, motivation and disposable income to seek out the best products, services and lifestyle enhancements out there!

PERSPECTIVES. A view of the city from different vantage points.

HERITAGE. Fort Lauderdale’s roots and legacy. Urban traditions.

MARCH 2015
NIGHTLIFE. City happenings after sunset.

APRIL 2015
FOOD AND WINE. Fort Lauderdale’s culinary scene.

MAY 2015
TECHNOLOGY. Fort Lauderdale keeps up with the times.

JUNE 2015
LANDSCAPES. The animals and plants that call downtown home.

JULY 2015
LIFESTYLES. City life. How we live and what we enjoy.

BEST OF 2.0 Our version of Fort Lauderdale’s absolute best.

ARTS AND CULTURE. What the upcoming season has to offer.

WATER. Ways water affects the city.

MOVEMENT. How people maneuver downtown.

ADVOCACY. Local causes and the people behind them.

Departments In Each Issue
From the Board, Along the Walk, Downtown Lowdown, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Mobility, Downtown Council, Culturally Speaking, Local Economics, Membership, Dining Destination, BITES, Snapped@ Event Photos, Event Connections, Fiction and other department features.
Editorial / Advertising Policy
The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale Editorial Board decides upon all editorial content for the magazine. The board welcomes story ideas and article submissions. Any decision to publish or not publish any such submissions are, by professional policy, totally independent of advertising status. Under no circumstances will advertising be solicited or accepted based on editorial requirement considerations