Get Moving: 10 New Exercise Stations on the Riverwalk

@Riverwalk Hosted EventWhat does a charitable donation look like? In this case, it looks like a way to help create healthy residents and visitors. Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale in conjunction with the City of Fort Lauderdale proudly hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony opening the new 10-unit exercise station on the north side of the New River on Riverwalk behind Huizenga Plaza.

This ribbon cutting ceremony was to honor our generous donors, Christopher Pizzo and John Brandt of Patriot National Insurance Group. Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler presented the plaque along with Courtney Callahan Crush, chair of Riverwalk, Michael Weymouth of the Downtown Development Authority, and Phil Thornburg, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Fort Lauderdale, all key players in making this happen.

From the moment the protective tape for the area was removed, it has become a great attraction. In conjunction with the new mile markers that have been added to Riverwalk, we are seeing more people using the area and stations. Our story to date: when we went down to take a couple of photos on the first day, we found a very nice gentleman using the new gear. He asked if we worked for Riverwalk — and of course we proudly said yes. He immediately reached in his pocket and joined Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale with some very nice words about our additions.

PATRIOT NATIONAL INSURANCE GROUP LOGOChristopher Pizzo and John Brandt of Patriot National Insurance Group, and great community supporters, found a good match with the proposed project and agreed that keeping our public healthy is the right thing to do. They immediately stepped up to partner with Riverwalk and we again thank them for their continuing services to the community. We are currently working to fund a second station on the south side of the New River for the residents who live there and the new ones who are joining us here soon. As usual, charitable donations are always appreciated. Help us grow our Downtown into an even better place to live, work and play. We encourage you to get fit and enjoy the beauty of Riverwalk and Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Join us and be apart of positive change in our community!